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Kent - Dinner Shirt / Cocktail Cuff

One of our clients was attending a wedding in the countryside that was a few hours drive from civilisation. He of course had everything laid out and would be immediately ready while his partner was doing her hair, her make up, nails, getting dressed etc. He was watching television while she was getting ready. He changed in to his black tie outfit, except of course he was two studs and a cufflink short that had of course been mislaid. Spending the next hour frantically looking for the missing pieces, they were of course late, and he now was very rumpled and grumpy. Not a good combination.

The cufflink and studs were found back in his bedroom at home, the next day. At that point, he swore never to go through that again and asked Mr. Udeshi to make him a shirt that would dispense with studs and cufflinks. Thus our cocktail cuff dinner shirts were created, that have a double cuff, but no cufflinks or studs to remember/lose.