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Connery - Swiss Poplin / Double Cuff

Our classic collar is based on the collar worn by Sean Connery in the early James Bond films, same spread, same collar point depth, same collar height handed to us by a master shirt maker who was there when Sean Connery was being fitted for his shirts. Terence Young, the director of the early Bond films, probably the closest to a real life James Bond read oriental history at Cambridge and an Irish Guards officer, took Sean Connery under his wing. He took him to dinner, showed him how to walk, how to talk, and most importantly to his tailor and shirt maker, where this collar was developed.

Our double cuffs have rounded corners so the edges don’t wear out as easily, and are a touch deeper in proportion to the higher Connery collar, better framing the cufflinks. The subtly deeper collar and cuffs were a sign of a bespoke shirt in times gone by.

Made of Alumo Supraluxe 120/2 ply cotton from Appenzell, Switzerland that has been sanforized so there is virtually no shrinkage, this is the fabric we use for our made to measure shirts, and have had only compliments.

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