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At U D E S H I, the following options are available for tailoring, shirts, boxers, denim and selected leather goods. Prices include UK VAT at 20%

Ready to wear - item is in stock and ready to wear out of the shop. Small changes can be made such as shortening sleeves, taking in the waist, or changing buttons.

Starting from: shirts £185, denim £275

Made to order - a stock item that is made to the client's specification, but is still based on a stock size or pattern. The client can choose the fabric, lining, details, stitching, trims and fit. A recent example from our tailoring offer is a red velvet jacket with a vintage paisley lining we made for a musician. The measurements were stock, the fabric and lining were not.

Starting from: suits £1395, jackets £1025, shirts £220, denim £325

Made to measure - the next step from made to order, it includes the ability to personalise as in made to order, and is made to the measurements of the client. An existing block or pattern is adjusted to the measurements of the client, such as lengthening the jacket, increasing the chest, accounting for a lower right shoulder, or bigger biceps for example.

Starting from coats £1375, jackets £1025, trousers £395, shirts £255 (minimum 5), denim £380

Bespoke - the pinnacle of fine tailoring, an individual pattern is made from scratch to the exacting measurements and desires of the client. A baste fitting (where the garment is loosely sewn together with big stitches) follows the initial measuring stage. The baste is fitted on to the client, and any required changes noted and incorporated in to the next fitting. The item is constructed around the client and there are no set number of fittings. The item is complete only when it meets the satisfaction of the client and Mr. Udeshi.

Starting from: jackets £1795, trousers £775, waistcoats £725, shirt £305 (minimum 8)

For bespoke, made to measure and made to order, an appointment is scheduled. The style, fabric, lining and details are selected in consultation with Mr. Udeshi, based on your body shape, stylistic preferences and where and how the item will be used. Measurements are taken and garments tried on to ascertain fit preferences. After approximately 5 to 8 weeks the item will be ready for a fitting, and will then be completed in the following 2 to 5 weeks. Bespoke items can take longer depending on the number of fittings required.